Everytime there is something good it seems it doesn't last.  I read today that is going to shut down at the end of the month. That is depressing and very bad news for me as Yuminale has been on there for years. Unlike the many criminals in the music industry, Live365 would actually pay me for the usage of my music.  Thanks for the memories Live365!  I hope you can re-group and come back in some way.





This is the Official Yuminale YouTube Channel:

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Sometimes coming up with a song title is as difficult as coming up with an idea for the song itself. 

But... it has been done.


If you are outside of the U.S.  Not sure of all the countries this is available in yet.

(As opposed to the Last

They're now out of BETA and looking for feedback on the new design.


Cricket Wireless has partnered with streaming music service Deezer to bring customers more than 35 million songs and 30,000 global radio stations.

Starting Jan. 31, Paris-based Deezer will be available to U.S. mobile subscribers for the first time.

There is a catch, however: Deezer will acquire Cricket's Muve Music service and discontinue it on Feb. 7.

Affected users will get an extended free trial of Deezer when they switch to Cricket's new GSM network. The length of the free trial depends on the date you sign up for Deezer and/or migrate to Cricket's new GSM network, and the date of your billing cycle. Once the comp period ends, users will automatically be billed $6 per month.

Don't worry about losing access to your favorite Kanye tracks or Broadway albums. Muve customers making the switch will be able to transfer existing music libraries and playlists into the Deezer app—as long as the tracks are available.

But beware: According to the small print, folks who sign up for Deezer while on Cricket's CDMA network will have access through March 31, after which they'll be switched to the free streaming radio service.

Downloads and playlists will be available only to active paid subscribers of Deezer from Cricket.

AT&T acquired Leap Wireless and its Cricket brand in 2013, and as part of that deal, AT&T will shut down Cricket's CDMA network since AT&T runs a GSM network. That could happen as early as March.

"Cricket has done an incredible job building Muve into one of the largest music services in the U.S.," Tyler Goldman, Deezer's North American CEO, said in a statement. "Deezer's 16 million listeners around the world share the same passion for music. We're thrilled to serve the music needs of Cricket's vibrant audience."

Muve Music arrived in 2010 as a bundle with unlimited calling, texting, e-mail, and Web access for $55 per month. But in recent years, more sophisticated music streaming services - from Spotify and Rdio to Pandora and Deezer - have gained in popularity at the expense of smaller services like Muve.

Deezer landed in the U.S. in September, but only on Sonos home-audio systems. Subscribers can instantly stream jams or create customer stations, all while discovering new songs and artists using personalized recommendations.

The company recently acquired San Francisco-based radio app Stitcher, which offers access to news, entertainment, comedy, and sports podcasts.

"Customers are demanding more compelling services from both their music and wireless providers," said Jennifer Van Buskirk, Cricket Wireless president. "This agreement illustrates our ongoing commitment to deliver the best value in prepaid wireless and satisfy our customers' growing need for an unparalleled premium music experience."


SomaFM commercial free internet radio


The merchandise tab has been removed on here while looking for another source to create better quality goodies for my fans. Thanks for your patience!





The Yuminale Fan group has been re-instated on FB!


Shazam !!


Went for a pre-studio walk today - nothing like the fragrance of wild grapes in September!


Well that song was a bear to finish. On to the next, I think I'll let my mood decide which one to work on first.

And the winner is:  Song #2!


Hi everyone!

   If you find yourself purchasing this album in iTunes, please take a moment and add a customer review.  It's fairly sparse as you can see, so one way to fix that is to ask for help.  

  Thank you Thank you!


.. That has to be a real bear to finish.

I think it's done... I think.


Something new:


Initially, there were just singles on Google Play.  But last month more of Yuminale's catalog was put up so if you download your music via a mobile method, check it out and help out the artist by downloading.   Thanks!



Just noticed some activity on this site which brought it to my attention:



A big Thank You to all new subscribers to Yuminale's channel on YouTube!




           EVERYONE !


Hi everyone,

More listeners are needed on, your help is greatly appreciated!


   Whilst trying to make a good comping synth sound last night, I accidentally made something else instead.  One very similar to Tony Banks' wonderful synth lead sound on The Lamb in which he used an ARP Pro Soloist.  I've always loved it and found out a few years ago that is what he used to get it. Unexpected outcomes can be a good thing.



From out of the depths of a very cold winter are emerging some interesting sounds and

musical ideas.



May you have all that you wish for in the New Year !!


At least this is the first time Yuminale has been on this one, and the first I remember seeing it.


This Thanksgiving I want to give thanks to all of my awesome fans.  
You have become my friends, helped me out tremendously, given me encouragement, inspiration and much support to continue to make music.   Thank You!

According to one Yuminale fan, the music sounds like:

M-83 (things without vocals, "Slowly)
FC Kahuna
Steve Hauschildt
Michael Manning

According to one online site, these are some artists who are similar to Yuminale:

    John Beltram
    Jeff Woodall
    Dr. Atomic
    Michael Thomas Berkley
    Zero 7
    Dark Vibrations
    The Sushi Club

Some people love iTunes, others don't. 

If you fall into the latter category,
 Yuminale MP3s are also available on Amazon:

or at CDBaby:

 >>>>    Thanks for your help and support!


After several days of technical delays, things are back on track. 

Still don't have automap working though it seems I can get by without it. 

And... still don't have an album title either!


Wondering why it's soooo hard to come up with an album title! 

A few have come up, but then only to be scratched after finding out they were already used.

Hi Everyone!

A few new vids have been put up on Youtube, with more to come. 

If you use Youtube regularly, please subscribe!    THANKS!!






Ten new songs/cues are now up on MS-Pro. 

If you have an account, search for Yuminale. 


The Amazon link for all albums available there:




They have the album titled wrong in a search for Yuminale.

But if you enter Twilight In The Opal Atrium, then it comes up.



    Four things every dad needs: a new tie, a new shirt, a new mug, and a new case! Now 25% off select cases, mugs, ties, and shirts on Zazzle!


Finally finished mixing and mastering ten songs for commercial licensing today. Yay! 

Now on to the next album.

CD Baby now offers music in a “lossless” audio format.
Good news for audiophiles:  You can now choose between FLAC, MP3-320, and standard MP3 when purchasing music on

So what exactly is the difference between these file formats?
Audio file formats offered by CD Baby:

MP3  — CD Baby encodes MP3s using the standard preset of the lame encoder, yielding Variable Bit-rate MP3s with a target bit-rate of around 200kbps.

MP3-320 — According to ISO standards, MP3-320 is the highest bit-rate MP3 file that audio decoders are required to produce (though some encoders can create MP3s up to 640 kbit/s).

FLAC  — FLAC files are “lossless,” meaning they’ve been compressed without any loss of audio information. They’re CD-quality!

For any customer who wants to purchase the highest fidelity digital files available, FLAC is the answer.

Note: some media players cannot play FLAC files, but you can download a free program like Media Money, Songbird, or xACT to play/convert FLAC files.

Visit Yuminale's CDBaby Storefront at:


Spotify is now available to these eight countries:

 Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

An up-to-date browser is needed to view.



A heartfelt Thank You to Yuminale fans everywhere!



This week Pandora updated their mobile apps:

Please put in a request for Yuminale on Pandora and do a search also. There are tracks from Transitory Glow on the station.   Thanks !!


Have a great weekend everyone, best wishes go out to those hit by the storm. We were very lucky where I am.


MP3 Downloads are available on Amazon also.




Please visit Ethereal Lounge here


and here:


Three Yuminale albums are available on Slacker Radio. Just do a search by album title.

Enjoy the summer everyone!


Last week I saw an article stating that sales from iTunes are down and many people are purchasing from Amazon MP3.

Sometimes I wonder how much faith to put into what is said in online articles.


After reading this, I'd really like to know if you agree with this or not.  Which do you use?, Inc. has announced the launch of Amazon Cloud Drive (, Amazon Cloud Player for Web ( and Amazon Cloud Player for Android (​oid).
Together, these services enable customers to securely store music in the cloud and play it on any Android phone, Android tablet, Mac or PC, wherever they are.


If you have any Yuminale favorites feel free to post comments in the iTunes store.

Thanks very much in advance, it all helps a lot!



The new album is now available on iTunes:



Hey everyone,

Yuminale's vids can be found here: 

If you're a regular YouTube user, please subscribe to the channel, there will be more added in the future.



  It pains me to have to remove all of the links to Lounging Sound from my sites.

It was a great internet station that played a good amount of Yuminale music over the years and

will surely be missed by many listeners.  Hopefully there will be an equivalent replacement of some sort

by someone.

All three CDs are now ON SALE  at CD Baby!


If you are in Europe:



A great place to listen for free:


Another is

Become involved by uploading your artist pics and adding your knowledge to the music community on SoundUnwound, the editable music encyclopedia.

Yuminale songs on Yahoo Music:

Transitory Glow is now available on eMusic:

Hi everyone,

   If you haven't been on iTunes in some time, there is now a page for Yuminale that shows all the albums and the link is much shorter than before:

  If you make iMixes of your purchased songs through iTunes, remember to include some Yuminale songs. It helps out a lot.. thanks!

  For those who don't know, iMixes are a playlist or personal mix of your favorites which can be created while you are logged into iTunes. You are able to include songs that you have purchased through iTunes, and then you can have it published in the iTunes Music Store. Be sure to rate it also when you've finished.

  To all my fans...thanks for listening to the music, I love you all! 

In case you can't find it easily, to purchase Yuminale's newest CD entitled Transitory Glow,

go here:

If you are looking for MP3s instead of CDs, you can find MP3s on Amazon here:



The new decade is upon us, as is the new Yuminale album.
To hear songs from it in their entirety goto:

Please help by tagging the songs and leave a shout also.  Thanks!

The new album is available for purchase online at CDBaby:

Sincere thanks to all my amazing listeners!


Yuminale is now available on!
For all Verizon Vcast users, you can find Yuminale here:
If you're on Facebook and use the iLike application, you can listen to individual songs and dedicate them to friends on FB. Free downloads and buy links are available also. Remember to click the orange "iLike this artist" button to become a fan!
Here's the place to download the iSproggler to listen to on the iPhone or iPod. It's only avaiable in certain countries currently, but they are expanding into others as soon as the legal aspects get worked out. This application is currently available in the following countries: • United States • United Kingdom • Canada • France • Germany • Spain So stop by to play some Yuminale!
Hi everyone! Today's highlights: The Ibiza Rhapsody. No computer needed for this little device. It connects by wifi directly to Rhapsody, which has almost everything you’d ever want to hear, available any time you want to hear it, without needing to buy. Find your favorites artists and download them all from Rhapsody to your device to listen to any time over the next few weeks. Doesn’t cost you anything, so there’s no risk. Yuminale is at: If you're currently on, there's now a Yuminale group on there so come by and join up!
If you are looking for MP3 files instead of a CD, here are a few words about MP3s available from CDBaby: The entire album is bought as one zip download, which includes the MP3s, a JPG of the album art, and a text file of song titles, album notes, and links back to the group's other websites. They are regular MP3 files that play easily on ANY MP3 player, whether iPod, cellphone, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. The MP3s are encoded at top audiophile quality (~200k VBR), which is higher than iTunes or any other major store. (The MP3s direct from me on this site are encoded at 256 kbps.) See for more details.
Hi everyone I have recently discovered that the album Yuminale is now available on Amazon as a MP3 download. This includes the whole album as well as single songs. Hopefully Twilight In The Opal Atrium will soon follow. Please remember that you can always download single songs off all three albums directly from this site for .89 each. It's a secure site taking credit cards or PayPal. Other than that news.. it's almost SPRING and I'm still plugging away at the new album amongst other projects. I wish everyone a glorious spring season!!

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